If you"ve come across a video you lượt thích on YouTube, you may have sầu wanted khổng lồ tải về it. Here are five Chrome extensions that let you download videos.

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Though the YouTube phầm mềm allows you to download videos for offline viewing, not all videos are available for tải về. Moreover, the video clip stays within the YouTube ứng dụng, which means that you can’t nội dung or play it anywhere else.

But if you’re interested in downloading YouTube videos, some browser extensions can help you. Below, we discuss a few of them.


Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader is a feature-rich browser extension that you can use khổng lồ download YouTube videos. You’ll have lớn download Addoncrop through CrossPilot, an extension that lets you add Opera add-ons to lớn Chrome.

After downloading this extension, you’ll see a Download icon on any YouTube video clip beside the Like button. You can tải về it by simply clicking the Download inhỏ.

To change the format or resolution, cliông chồng on the More icon. Here you can see the video clip sizes for different resolutions & the options to lớn download them. Then, right-cliông xã & tải về it using Save sầu Video As button.

You can change the settings of this extension by clicking on Options. From here, you can choose which formats to display for downloading, whether khổng lồ include DASH format items, and whether khổng lồ show the option to lớn tải về HD videos.

This extension also comes with a built-in tải về manager that shows you all the videos và audio you’ve downloaded. To change the download folder, you can toggle on Show Save As dialog box.

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Besides downloading videos, Addoncrop’s extension offers several useful features. It allows you khổng lồ take a screenshot of videos by clicking on the Camera ibé (next to the autoplay button). You can also hide YouTube comments.

If you’re listening khổng lồ music or a podcast, you can turn on Audio mode và prevent the đoạn Clip from loading. Perhaps the handiest feature is that you can search YouTube while watching a Clip. The search results appear Related Videos tab.

How lớn Install Addoncrop’s Downloader

First, download CrossPilot from the Chrome Web Store. Then, visit the Addoncrop website & go to YouTube Video Downloader Page.

Cliông xã the Install through CrossPilot button on the left side. Grant the required permissions, và you’ll see the extension downloaded in your browser.

Download: CrossPilot for Chrome (Free)

Download: Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader

2. Internet Download Manager


Internet Download Manager, or IDM, is a widely used tool for downloading different types of files, not just videos. Although you can download the IDM extension from the Chrome Web Store, it works only if the IDM software is installed on your computer. So, you’ll have khổng lồ tải về the software along with the extension. Once you’ve done both, restart your browser.

To tải về the videos from YouTube, open any video on YouTube. You’ll notice a Download This Video button with the IDM logo in the top-right corner of the video clip player. Cliông xã on it và choose the tệp tin format và đoạn phim resolution.

Next, IDM will show a dialog box asking you to choose the thư mục for saving video clip & description (optional). Lastly, cliông chồng the Start Download button, & IDM saves the video clip in the specified thư mục.

Download: Internet Download Manager Software

Download: IDM Integration Module for Chrome (Free)

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3. Local YouTube Downloader


Local YouTube Downloader is a tool that does exactly what it says on the tin, it lets you tải về YouTube videos locally to lớn your device. However, this extension isn't downloadable through the Chrome Web Store, you have lớn install it through Tampermonkey.

Tampermonkey is a well-known user script manager that’s available for all popular browsers, including Chrome và Edge. Through this user script manager, you can download user scripts for downloading YouTube videos through it.

After doing downloading Tampermonkey and Local YouTube Downloader, you just need lớn open any YouTube đoạn Clip you want to download. Below the đoạn Clip player, cliông chồng on Download High-Resolution MP4 khổng lồ instantly tải về the video clip.

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For more resolutions & formats, cliông xã on show/hide links. Here you’ll see multiple link in two different columns: Stream và Adaptive. Links in the Stream column have sầu audio-đoạn phim combined, while liên kết on the right support only one of them.

Choose the resolution & format of your đoạn phim & clichồng on its link. You’ll be taken lớn a new tab with the video playing. Here, you can right-cliông chồng and click on Save Video As to tải về videos.

How to Install Local YouTube Downloader

First, go to lớn Chrome Web Store and tải về Tampermonkey. Next, download the Local YouTube Downloader user script from GreasyFork.

Download: Tampermonkey for Chrome

Download: Local YouTube Downloader

4. Easy YouTube Video Downloader


Easy YouTube Video Downloader is another Opera add-on that you can add lớn Chrome through the CrossPilot extension. As its name suggests, it’s a simple downloader for YouTube videos without any bells và whistles.

After installing the add-on, open any video clip on YouTube. You’ll see a green Download as button. Clichồng on it to lớn open a drop-down thực đơn. Here you can see the available formats và resolutions along with their sizes.

Choose your preferred format, và a dialog box will pop up, asking you to lớn choose a folder to tải về the file lớn và name for the video clip.

How to Install Easy YouTube Video Downloader?

First, tải về CrossPilot from Chrome Web Store. Then go to the Easy YouTube Downloader page & cliông chồng on Install with CrossPilot. Grant the permissions lớn download the extension.

Download: CrossPilot for Chrome

Download: Easy YouTube Video Downloader

5. YouTube By Click

YouTube by Clicks is a separate software và not a browser add-on. But it works the same way as any extension, allowing you to download videos directly from the YouTube website. You can tải về YouTube By Clichồng from its trang web.

Whenever you’ll watch any YouTube video clip after installing this software, it’ll automatically detect a đoạn phim being played & show you a small window in the bottom-right corner. Here, you’ll have sầu the option lớn tải về the video in MP4 or MP3 formats.

By opening the application, you can change the folder for downloaded videos, the mặc định format, & the video clip chất lượng. By default, it’ll detect only videos played in Chrome. However, you can turn on the option for other browsers. The software is available in multiple languages, including English, French, & Spanish.

Download: YouTube By Cliông xã for Chrome (Free)

Download Videos for Offline Viewing

These Chrome extensions make downloading YouTube videos simple & hassle-không lấy phí. Through these add-ons, you can save sầu videos for future reference or offline viewing.

So if you’re planning lớn travel and want to lớn watch videos without spending any Mobile data, you can download YouTube videos or even entire playlists.

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The 5 Best YouTube Playdanh mục Downloaders to lớn Grab Videos in Bulk
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