Whether you want to lớn work or play, daipha.com F560 delivers. This high-performance máy tính xách tay uses the latest-generation processors & gaming-grade graphics for fast, responsive computing with exceptional visuals. Its thin-bezel NanoEdge display gives you an immersive sầu viewing experience. And with its fresh styling, F560 not only performs great, it looks great too!
The distinctive Reaper Blaông xã finish with contrasting Lightning Blue edges makes F560 really st& out. Simply put — it’s one of the most stylish laptops around.

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With F560, you’re guaranteed effortless multitasking performance lớn get work done fast, và flawless visuals khổng lồ savor when it’s time lớn sit bachồng and chill. There’s ultrafast connectivity, too, with the latest 802.11ac
With its thin-bezel NanoEdge display, F560 has high screen-to-toàn thân ratio: that means you get more screen area in less space, for a totally immersive sầu viewing experience.
Our exclusive display technologies ensure you enjoy only the very best visual experience. daipha.com Splendid optimizes color & contrast to ensure photo-realistic visuals. It features four display modes: Normal, Vivid, Eye Care and Manual, all of which can be accessed with a single click. daipha.com Tru2Life Video technology intelligently optimizes each pixel in the đoạn phim frame lớn increase sharpness và contrast by 11/2, so you’ll enjoy the best possible image quality!
F560 features large-diameter speakers with bigger acoustic chambers than those found in standard laptops. This results in more powerful bass và exceptional sound clarity, & gives F560 the loudest, clearest audio possible. daipha.com Smart Amplifier giải pháp công nghệ helps maintain crystal-clear sound, even when you max out the volume.
Truly immersive sound takes entertainment lớn greater heights. daipha.com SonicMaster technology — developed by the daipha.com Golden Ear team — is an innovative combination of hardware và software that delivers the most incredible audio that you’ve sầu ever heard on a laptop. F560 also features daipha.com AudioWizard. This powerful software suite lets you fine tune settings lớn achieve the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá audio balance for any type of nội dung. You can also take the reins by tinkering with settings manually for full control of your audio phối.
Laptop cooling is important because it directly affects performance and, more importantly, your comfort. daipha.com IceCool giải pháp công nghệ uses smart người control, thin heat pipes và clever engineering khổng lồ create an efficient cooling system that keeps the average palm rest surface temperature below 36°C — lower than body temperature — so your máy tính xách tay stays cool, & you stay comfortable.

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F560 features safe fast-charging và a longer-lasting battery to keep your downtime khổng lồ a minimum. daipha.com fast-charge technology lets you safely charge a drained battery khổng lồ 1/2 capađô thị in just 39 minutes.
Unless otherwise stated, claimed Wi-Fi speeds are based on theoretical performance. Actual performance may vary in real-world situations.

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