Our work in patient engagement is guided by our Retìm kiếm Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC). PFAC is made up of CHEO family members who believe sầu in the impact research can have sầu on how we care for kids at CHEO and beyond as well as six administrators/researchers from the CHEO Retìm kiếm Institute (CHEO-RI). The committee works khổng lồ engage families in all aspects of research conducted by CHEO-RI.

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PFAC’S Purpose

Based on experienced family voices, the PFAC advises và makes recommendations to CHEO-RI staff in order khổng lồ promote family engagement in research. We’re moving beyond families as only research participants to lớn families as partners in all aspects of the research process from developing an idea or research question lớn sharing the study results.

Responsibilities and Opportunities

Our members:

Attend monthly meetings at the CHEO-RI (in person, teleconference or video conference).Advance client & family-centred retìm kiếm.Help researchers identify and plan future directions.Provide advice on the communication strategy:Help researchers plan how to best mô tả the resultsHelp researchers ensure that results are understandable khổng lồ families who were part of the researchCo-present or co-publish findingsHelp with social truyền thông communication (e.g. Discovery Minutes)Advise the CHEO-RI on how to promote family engagement in researchShare knowledge with caregivers & other parents

What an amazing year in Research Patient Engagement!!

Cheông chồng out our 2020 Annual Report!

Did you know that children, youth & families can have an active role in CHEO retìm kiếm – beyond consenting khổng lồ participate in a study! You can help khổng lồ determine the retìm kiếm questions to lớn be answered, influence the study design, and so much more! This đoạn phim shares many ways that the general public can help to lớn make discoveries today for healthier kids tomorrow. Special thanks khổng lồ the Algonquin College Interactive Media Management program for the production of this Clip. Kudos, Maridomain authority Waters, Joël Boudreau, Helen (Ye) Yang.

How to lớn engage in retìm kiếm at CHEO.

Are you ready lớn be a partner in the research process? Clinical Trails Ontario created the following tool khổng lồ help you decide if you may be ready khổng lồ partner/get engaged in the retìm kiếm process. Find more informationhere.

You can be a partner in the research process at CHEO. One way is through our Research Family Leader Program.We are currently looking for CHEO family members who believe sầu in the impact retìm kiếm can have sầu on the care we provide. As a Family Leader you will be given the opportunity to lớn provide feedbaông chồng on research projects in two ways: as a Research Project Reviewer or a Retìm kiếm Project Advisor.

Cliông chồng here to view CHEO Retìm kiếm Family Leader Program – Join us!

View our amazing Family Leaders page

Come join our team!


As a Family Leader, your experiences are a powerful tool for inspiring the retìm kiếm we vì at CHEO. By sharing your perspective you can make an impact on the discoveries we are making every day that will lead to healthier children and youth in our community & beyond.

As a Retìm kiếm Project Reviewer, you may:Reviews a short research project summary template.Complete a short on line questionnaire based on the summary.Provide letters of tư vấn for a grant application (Program Coordinator will assist).As a Research Project Advisor, you may:Be part of the study team.Provide regular feedbaông chồng as the project gets ready to launch và throughout its life.Your expertise as a CHEO family member will help project teams problem solve sầu issues that may come up along the way.Key RequirementsAttkết thúc a screening interview.Complete a police reference check: vulnerable sector.Sign a confidentiality agreement và volunteer contract.Complete Family Leader orientation và training.CharacteristicsHas a sincere interest in promoting research.Is a good listener and communicator.Commits lớn maintaining respect for privacy and confidentiality.Demonstrates respect for diversity & differing opinions và works collaboratively.OpportunitiesThis is a volunteer opportunity.Education và training opportunities will be offered lớn those who wish to lớn learn more about how retìm kiếm projects work.Much of the work can be done from home – but if you bởi vì have sầu lớn come khổng lồ CHEO, your parking & childcare costs will be covered.Apply Now

Apply to lớn become a Family Leaderhere.

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We want lớn foster a spirt of collaboration & appreciation for all of the patients và family members who partner with us in research at CHEO. We have sầu a newsletter lớn update & celebrate our patent và family partners called ENGAGE. Bachồng issues can be viewed in the liên kết below.