Compare the browsing tốc độ of the top 4 web browsers today, namely Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and CocCoc. Let’s join lớn see which new browser is really number 1.

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The four top website browsers that are no stranger lớn you are Google Chrome, Opera, FireFox & Coc Coc. However, there are still other web browsers that are not as well known, but use them very well lượt thích Torch Browser for example. Torch Browser is a website browser with many nice features that you should try it out.


As the title of the post says, this is a battle tested with the top tools to lớn choose the champion up to lớn now.

In Vietphái mạnh, most users use Chrome & CocCoc, Chrome is already too familiar & Coc Coc is a product for Vietnamese people. So is also very friendly, and if you are new khổng lồ using, vày not forget the useful shortcuts in Coc Coc. The shortcut in CocCocwill help you browse the website faster.

Compare the browsing speed of Chrome, Opera, Firefox và Coc Coc

You can first download the lachạy thử version of the browsers here:

Download Chrome website browser: Download Google ChromeDownload Opera website browser: Download OperaDownload FireFox web browser: Download FireFoxDownload website browser Coc Coc: Download CocCoc

Speedometer tool

This is a tool that helps us to thử nghiệm the standard page load tốc độ for a website, the displayed result will be the average result for the total load time.


The winner is Chrome with the highest score of 46, followed closely by Coc Coc, FireFox is far behind here is Opera.

JetStream tool


This tool shows computational results related khổng lồ image processing, decoding & delay measurement. Not surprisingly, Chrome & Coc Coc are always in 1st and 2nd place, followed by Firefox & finally Opera with 5000 points.

HTML5 testing


HTML5 is considered as a replacement for Java in today’s browsers. In this demo, Coc Coc and Chrome are equal, reaching 521 points, followed by Firefox with 466 points & finally Opera with 397 points.

Speed ​​Battle


This demo will tell us about the browser’s processing, storage, & rendering capabilities. Unexpectedly, Firefox ranked # 1, followed by another surprise called Opera. In the last position are Chrome & Coc Coc.

Through 4 tests we get the scores as shown below, through here readers can choose for themselves the most suitable browser. The choice will depend on what purpose you want to use the browser for, such as surfing the web, playing web games, or handling graphics online.


Through the article, you probably already know more about the strength of the browser as well as the strengths and weaknesses, right. Also you can refer khổng lồ the popular browser shortcuts above sầu. With the shortcuts on Firefoxgoogle chromejust like IE will help you use the website faster.

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In addition, khổng lồ tốc độ up website browsing, please refer to how turn on Hardware Acceleration To improve sầu your browsing speed, how to lớn turn on Hardware Acceleration is quite simple depending on the browser you use.