Windows 10 máy tính xách tay battery showing the wrong percent? Learn how khổng lồ fix the problem và show the right battery level!

It"s not uncommon for a Windows 10 máy tính khổng lồ display the wrong battery percentage. Perhaps the battery percentage isn"t decreasing or simply isn"t accurate. This could be a fault with the battery hardware or the Windows software. We"ll show you how to lớn fix it và get it to display the right battery charge level.

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Also, if you"ve ever found yourself with a máy vi tính unexpectedly shutting down, even when you seemingly had enough battery left, this will help you fix the problem.

Laptop Batteries Don"t Last Forever

Not every máy vi tính battery is created equal. A máy tính battery has a set capađô thị, determined by the milliamp-hour (mAH). Simply put, the higher the mAH value, the more power the battery can hold. It"s comtháng for more expensive laptops khổng lồ have better batteries, but check your manufacturer"s specifications if you"re unsure.

The amount of time that your máy vi tính will stay on without requiring more charge depends on how you use the máy vi tính. Having the screen at full brightness, watching videos, & running lots of programs are all things that will drain the battery quicker.

máy tính xách tay battery internal
That said, no matter how lightly you use your máy vi tính, the total capacity of the battery will always decrease over time. Every battery has a specific number of charge & recharge cycles. They also get affected by environmental factors like heat.

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Of course, no battery will last as long as it did when you bought the máy tính. Typically, you"ll notice a reduction in battery run time after 18 to 24 months.

Battery Time Remaining Is a Prediction

Before you read the steps below to lớn try to lớn sort out the battery reading provided by Windows, you should understvà how it"s calculated because it might not off the mark in the first place.

windows 10 battery reading
The battery time estimate provided by Windows is an estimate. It"s based upon what your máy vi tính is currently doing và assumes it will continue doing that.

If you are watching a video clip, playing a game, or doing something intensive sầu lượt thích that, Windows will estimate a reduced number of remaining hours.

However, if you stop playing the game, decrease screen brightness, & only open a Word document, the number of hours left on the battery will shoot up.

The figure can also change without you actively doing anything, lượt thích if a program is installing updates in the background.

So, if the remaining hour count jumps around a lot, that might be normal. But if your máy tính suddenly turns off at 30% charge, there"s a problem.

1. How to Calibrate Your Laptop Battery

If your máy tính xách tay battery meter displays an incorrect percent or time estimate, the most likely way khổng lồ solve sầu it is by calibrating the battery. This is where you run the battery down from a full charge to lớn empty & then baông chồng up again.

This process won"t give your battery more power or increase its life but will instead allow Windows to provide an accurate reading.

1. Adjust Your nguồn Plan

windows 10 edit battery plan settings
To start, right-click the battery icon in the taskbar. Clichồng Power Options, then cliông xã Change when the computer sleeps from the left menu. Take note of your existing settings here because you will need lớn put them baông xã later. Change all the dropdowns lớn Never and cliông chồng Save sầu changes. Cliông xã Change advanced power settings. Exp& Battery, then exp& Critical battery level. Take note of the current percentage for later. Cliông chồng the On battery percentage & phối it as low as possible. Expvà Critical battery action and ensure that On battery is phối to lớn Hibernate. If it isn"t, cliông xã lớn change it. Once done, cliông xã OK lớn save sầu the changes.

2. Charge Your Laptop

Plug your máy tính xách tay in và charge the battery to 100%. You can still use your máy tính when doing this.

When it gets to 100%, stop using the máy vi tính và wait a couple of hours. You want the battery lớn cool down. It"ll also account for any extra charging that might need to lớn happen if the 100% reading is inaccurate.

3. Unplug Your Laptop

Take your máy tính xách tay off charge & let the battery drain. Again, you can use your máy tính xách tay during this time. You need to lớn wait until the laptop completely runs out of power and turns off. When it has, let it rest for a couple of hours.

4. Charge Your Laptop Again

Plug the máy tính baông chồng inkhổng lồ power & charge the battery khổng lồ 100%. Go bachồng inkhổng lồ the Windows power plan settings, following the previous instructions, and mix everything baông chồng khổng lồ how it was (or adjust them khổng lồ something new, if you want.)

The battery percentage provided by Windows should now be accurate. If it isn"t, try the other steps below.

windows 10 device manager uninstall battery
Your battery drivers might be missing or corrupted and therefore causing an incorrect percentage reading. This can also help if your máy tính is plugged in & not charging. Let"s reinstall them.

Press Windows key + X và cliông xã Device Manager. Expand Batteries, & you should see Microsoft AC Adapter & Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery. Right-cliông xã on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and cliông xã Uninstall device. Wait for this to complete. Once done, from the top menu, click Action > Scan for hardware changes. This will reinstall the driver. Restart your computer when it"s finished.

3. How lớn Update Windows

You should always keep Windows up khổng lồ date lớn keep your system protected and benefit from the lathử nghiệm features.

There"s an issue with Windows where the battery percentage that displays when you hover the battery taskbar inhỏ is one percent different from the number that shows when you cliông xã it. This is usually solved by updating Windows.

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To ensure your máy tính xách tay is running the lathử nghiệm version of Windows:

Press Windows key + I lớn open Settings Cliông chồng Update và Security. Clichồng Chechồng for updates. Any available updates will automatically download and install.

Extend Your Windows Battery Life

Hopefully, this has helped you understvà your Windows máy tính battery reading and fix it if necessary.

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If your máy tính battery is getting old & not providing much juice, you should use custom Windows power plans khổng lồ save sầu energy & extover battery life.

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