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The new generation of Dell"s office workhorse, the Latitude E5540, is clad in a black, 15.6-inch suit và with a power-efficient Hãng Intel Chip Core i5 processor. Is it a must for the office?

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Dell has a foot or perhaps even two in the door of many companies. That is very likely because the Texan manufacturer willingly listens lớn the feedbaông chồng of its customers and improves its laptops accordingly. A15.6-inch laptopthat is not too heavy và that features a docking port, which is easy khổng lồ manage và also offers enough performance for office routine, is standard equipment on many desks.

At first glance, Dell"s E5540 (or Dell"s Latitude 15 5000 Series) meets all these criteria. However, the competitionfor the favor of big businesses that not only buy one, but hundreds or even thousands of laptops isfast-paced. Thus, particularly Lenovo and its ThinkPads are popular: TheThinkPad L440 orL540would be comparable laptops. Hãng Asus is a newcomer with itsAsusPro P56CB, whereas Toshiba"sSatellite U50thas an easier time. Fujitsu offers theLifeBook A544, & theProBook 655 G1orProBook 650 G1from HPhường are apt comparison devices.

The hinges are stable, but the casing is too pliable otherwise.

It quickly becomes obvious that the redeveloped casing is not an ultra-cheap mã sản phẩm - Dell has now relocated those in its Latitude 3000 Series. The high-chất lượng chassis of the Latitude 6000 & 7000 laptops remain unmatched though. The material used contributes lớn that:Plasticno matter where the fingers are placed, though with a high-unique và pleasant feel.Gorilla Glassprotects the screen, & the lid is reinforced with fiberglass, but it can be warped to quite an extent. The casing"s lower part is fairly rigid, but the wrist rest"s right side is a bit too pliable, for example.

Blaông chồng, rounded corners,basic yet stylish- these few words could be used khổng lồ summarize the Latitude E5540"s kiến thiết. It will certainly make a good impression everywhere due khổng lồ its restrained looks; buyers who want something extraordinary will have khổng lồ look somewhere else. The build is acceptable, but we found slightlyirregular gapson the casing"s right.

All in all, it is a functional, well-designed chassis that could benefit, in a few places, from a stiffer casing.

We discovered the expected business máy tính interfaces, distributed around the casing, except for on the front. For example, Dell"s Latitude E5540 sportsfour USB ports, two of which are USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0. Finding the right port for peripherals should not be a problem.

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The máy tính xách tay reads both SD cards & ExpressCards alượt thích. Thedocking porton the device"s underside allows expanding the interface diversity, và the laptop can be connected to lớn stationary devices on the desk quickly.