The Precision M6600 is a hefty investment and it won" win points for elegance. However, this is a solid and highly configurable di động workstation that should persize well with a wide range of demanding workloads.

Clamshell notebooks come in many shapes & sizes, from lightweight ultrabooks lớn large-screen behemoths fitted out as fully ISV-certified thiết bị di động workstations aimed at designers, engineers & video editors. Dell" 17.3in. Precision M6600 is firmly in the latter camp, being a large, powerful và potentially lavishly-specified desktop replacement system. We looked at a mã sản phẩm towards the top of the mid-range, lớn find out what Dell has khổng lồ offer in this area.

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Design The Precision M6600 is not in the least bit ""https://daitrộ khổng lồ look at; instead, it exudes understated professionalism. Built around a sturdy magnesium chassis, it" clad in slate-grey anodised aluminium & feels solid — as it should, weighing 3.5kilogam. Not only does the M6600 look the part, it also satisfies the MIL-STD-810G stipulations for resistance to lớn extreme temperature, vibration, dust ingress, altitude & shochồng.


The military-grade Precision M6600 offers a 17.3in. screen, a full-size keyboard with separate number pad & a highly configurable specification

Reassuringly, there" surprisingly little flex in either the large lid section or the full-form size keyboard — which, thanks lớn the system" 41.76cm by 27.05centimet footprint, also accommodates a separate number pad lớn the right of the QWERTY keys. The lid is also solidly hinged and has a no-nonsense dual-latch open/cthảm bại mechanism.

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The screen on our Đánh Giá unit was a 17.3in. LED-backlit UltraSharp display with a native sầu resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels. It" a matte-finish unit with an anti-glare coating that delivers particularly good viewing angles in the horizontal plane, along with good colour fidelity. There"https://daitrộ no built-in colour calibrator, though, as in Lenovo" ThinkPad W701. If you want the highest-performing display, an IPS RGB LED-backlit screen will cost you £408 (ex. VAT) extra; a touchscreen version of the standard panel, with stylus, is also available for £256 (ex. VAT).