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Dell’s SupportAssist customer adoption model: enhancing the next generation of data-intensive sầu tư vấn services
Navid Ghaffarzadegan, Armin Ashouri Rad, Ran Xu, Sarah Mostafavi
Dell, Inc.

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The Issue You Tackled

SupportAssist is a high-tech, smart, predictive sầu, and preventive maintenance system which is used as a part of Dell’s after-sales services. SupportAssist continuously receives data from millions of Dell devices around the globe, stores the data in the cloud, và based on its intelligent engine, predicts the likelihood of failure in Dell devices. Consequently, it can be a very useful tool khổng lồ prsự kiện computer failure which is especially critical in high-risk industries such as energy & healthcare. Despite all the benefits, SupportAssist’s market adoption was not in a desired level.

What You Actually Did

We developed series of system dynamics models to lớn analyze market adoption and performance of SupportAssist. The models were built based on the past successful cases of applications of system dynamics lớn market adoption problems, the literature of marketing, information công nghệ, & operations management, as well as expert knowledge from the field. The client was engaged during the entire process of Mã Sản Phẩm building which included multiple site visits và bi-weekly meetings. Six different iterations of system dynamics models were offered during the period of 2 years. We utilized various data sources from the company, and validated the Model by replicating the past data from Dell. Moreover, we developed a user friendly interface in Forio that can work as a flight simulator for decision makers in Dell khổng lồ compare different strategies through “what-if analysis.” Our models were also informed by supplementary statistical techniques & textual analysis of their archival data. 

The Results

Our simulation models challenged the client’s mental mã sản phẩm on several of their strategies, such as their focus on promoting evaluation, short-term sale campaigns, retention of disconnected clients, & sole focus on kiến thiết features & marketing resources. The Mã Sản Phẩm pointed lớn a major “leakage” in the pipeline of their customers. We offered a combination of strategies with a focus on mass penetration (few customers using SupportAssist in more devices) and periodic value generation beyond fixing failure. The benefits of the new strategies are estimated khổng lồ be in the order of M over a period of 5 years. In addition, the entire discussion around the Model helped Dell lớn have a different dynamic perspective on the problem of market adoption, and promoted more effective dialogue within the organization.

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