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If you have a CCTV system manufactured by the Dahua công nghệ và you want khổng lồ monitor or manage your system by your computer then download the setup file from the given link. You may also read how khổng lồ configure your CCTV camera system on your software. So read the post carefully và then you will able to lớn watch your CCTV cameras on your PC.

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SamrtPSS for gDMSS Plus for PC

In this window, you will get two options for selecting. One for the gDMSS Plus for PC which is named SmartPSS. The second one is for making your PC as a recording server means you can record your CCTV cameras on your PC. Select both or one option as per your need and after selecting the options press the “Next” button.

Installation of gDMSS Plus for PC

Now the installation will begin. Wait for some time until the next window comes.

Choose Password for gDMSS Plus for PC

Here you need khổng lồ create the password for the software. Put a strong password for the gDMSS Plus for PC. Again confirm it and then press the “Next” button. You may also choose “Auto-Login” for the next time login without username và password.

Login to lớn gDMSS Plus for Windows

Now you have khổng lồ log in lớn the software. Put the username và the password & then press the login button. In the username put “admin” và in the password put your created password.

3. Step # Adding the Device into the gDMSS Plus for Windows

After successful login khổng lồ gDMSS Plus for Windows, the first screen of the software comes as shown below.

Device information on gDMSS Plus for Windows

Chechồng the status of the device, it must be “Online”. If it is not online, check the information once i.e. serial number & the password of the device.

4. Step # Live sầu View of CCTV Cameras on gDMSS Plus for Windows

After adding the device inlớn the gDMSS Plus for Windows, now it is the time khổng lồ watch your CCTV cameras on your PC. To vì this cliông xã the New button present on the top. Then you can see the control panel on the gDMSS Plus for Windows.

Getting the Live View on gDMSS Plus for PC

On the left side, you can see your device name under the group name. Double cliông xã on the device name and then you can see the live view of your camera on your PC by using gDMSS Plus for PC.

Method 2# gDMSS Plus for PC using the Emulator.

In this method, we are going lớn use emulator software for connecting the CCTV cameras on your PC. The emulator is the software that allows you to run the sản phẩm điện thoại application on the PC. There are so many emulator programs available for không tính phí. You may choose one of them and install on your PC for connection gDMSS Plus for PC but here we are using the Bluestack which is one of the best available emulators. Now follow the steps for connecting the CCTV cameras on your PC using the Bluestacks.

After downloading the cài đặt, run the Bluestaông chồng software on your pc.After that, go to lớn the Playstore or “My App”.Sign in with your Gmail trương mục.Search for the ứng dụng “gDMSS Plus”.Install gDMSS Plus for PC as you install it on your phone.Add the device in your gDMSS Plus.Then finally, you can see your CCTV cameras on your PC.

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So, this is all about “gDMSS Plus for PC“. We hope this information is helpful khổng lồ yours. If you have sầu any queries or suggestions please feel không tính tiền lớn write to lớn us in the bình luận box. Thank you for visiting us. Have a nice day.