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HP"s Elitebook 2570p is a subnotebook that bucks the trover towards increasingly lighter and slimmer systems. Its sturdiness, durability, battery life, performance, & communication interface options seem to lớn make it the perfect ultra-thiết bị di động companion for professionals. We uncover the shortfalls of the notebook in our Reviews.

HPhường. calls their series of laptops designed for professionals "Elitebook". Superb build unique and upscalematerials vị not come cheap however - the price of admission starts at 1000 Euros (~$1288). The range encompassessystems from 11.6-inch (2170p) khổng lồ 12.5-inch (2560pand 2570p) & 14-inch (8460pand8470p) lớn 15.6-inch(8560pand 8570p). We should also include the Elitebook 2760p in this danh mục - a 12.1-inch tablet PC.

Most Elitebooks now feature Intel"s Ivy Bridge hardware. Our review system, the12.5-inch 2570p, is the successor khổng lồ the (already reviewed)2560p. This time around, we check out a top-of-the-line configuration featuring Mobile broadb&,Vi xử lý Core i7-3520Mdual-core CPU, integratedGraphics 4000graphics card, 4 GB RAM, và 256 GB SSD.


Bulky but durable: Elitebook 2570p

As far as the chassis is concerned, HP stayed with the tried and true. The Elitebook 2570p looks like itspredecessor.

The hefty construction has its benefits: the chassis is very sturdy, does not dekhung when pressure is applied, & resists twisting forces extremely well. HPhường outfitted the notebook with a very rigid bottom cover, which can be removed in its entirety without unscrewing a single screw. The display resists pressure well, is torsionally very rigid, và does not dekhung when the notebook is lifted at a corner. We have sầu no issues with the overall sturdiness of this notebook.

In addition, all materials are of very high quality. The aluminum surfaces (both brushed & painted) feel cool to the touch và resist scratching. The keys of the keyboard, for example, are made from matte, slightly rough plastic and feel pleasant under the fingertips.

The hinges are metal and hold the display securely with minimal back-and-forth movement after an adjustment of the display angle. Because of the weight of the base unit, the display lid can be opened with one hand without issues.

HP decided lớn forgo the massive sầu display lockfeatured onthe predecessor. The hinges of the 2570p, even though quite stiff, don"t manage to lớn hold the display lid securely closed when the notebook is turned upside down và held by just the base unit. It might be advisable lớn use a sleeve sầu for transport to prsự kiện items from wedging themselves between the lid and the base.

The sides & the bachồng of the notebook house the connectivity option a business user would demand - including a dedicated docking port, which makesthe integration of the notebook in the trang chính and office environments a breeze.

Pretty common for a business notebook is the inclusion of a DisplayPort instead of an HDXiaoMi MI port. A card VGA port allows for analog connections to lớn an external monitor or projector. The laptop also features two USB 2.0 ports và one SS/USB/eSATA combination port.

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Additional connections can be added via anExpressCard34. The system also features a SmartCard và SD reader. We lượt thích the fact that HP decided lớn place the two USB ports and the VGA connector on the baông chồng. The network jack và the modem connector are located towards the rear on the left side; the DisplayPort & the eSATA port are in front of the middle line on the right-hand side - not a perfect placement.