League of Legends is one of the most popular eSports video game titles in the world. It also features on our menu of the best PC games you can play for không tính phí. But to enjoy its charms you need khổng lồ actually get inkhổng lồ the game. 

Sadly, it’s all too comtháng for League of Legends to not launch. You may not get any error message to lớn help you understvà what went wrong. The good news is that most client launch issues in LoL can be fixed with a short các mục of solutions.

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1. Make Sure LoL Is Really Closed

League of Legends might not be launching because it never closed properly. So when you try lớn start it up, the program detects that a copy is already running and then closes itself. Usually, programs let you know that another copy is already running, but you can check for this yourself:

Look for any processes labeled “League of Legends”, “Riot” or similar.


After removing all running instances of LoL or its launcher, try opening the game again.

2. Reboot Your Computer

The next step is simple. Restart your computer and launch the game again. A reboot usually fixes random computer problems like this.

3. Launch the trò chơi Directly

Sometimes the LoL client won’t launch because there’s something wrong with the shortcut. One fix for this is lớn launch the game executable from the installation thư mục.

The mặc định installation folder for LoL is C:Riot GamesLeague of Legends. But if you changed this during installation you’ll have khổng lồ navigate khổng lồ the location of your own custom installation location.

Within that thư mục, you’re looking for a program named LeagueClient.exe.


Select and run it lớn see if it resolved the issue.

4. Try Running LoL as Administrator

If running the game directly from its installation thư mục doesn’t work, you can try the same thing as Administrator. Right-clichồng on LeagueClient.exe và then select Run as Administrator.


This can fix issues where the client needs khổng lồ modify files that require elevated privileges.

5. Close Potentially Interfering Apps

Usually, programs running on your computer won’t interfere with each other, but in some rare cases it can happen. Finding which program is responsible for causing LoL khổng lồ fail at launch can take a little sleuthing, but prime candidates are game-related applications such as Razer Synapse or the software that controls your gaming headphones.

Try closing non-essential background applications. Then, try to launch LoL after each one lớn trachồng down the culprit.

6. Run a Full Repair of the Game

The League of Legends client has a built-in repair function, but you need to run the program as an administrator to access it. This only works if the launcher itself still opens:

Locate LoL’s installation directory and open it.Look for LeagueClient.exe.
Under the General tab, look for the Troubleshooting section. Here you’ll find the Initiate Full Repair button. Select it to lớn get the process started.

Once the full repair is complete all of your files should be verified and correct. Try to launch the game again to lớn see if this has resolved the problem.

7. Reinstall the Game

This might feel lượt thích a rather nuclear option, but reinstalling the game may be the easiest way to lớn make it work properly again. Since League of Legends is an online game, you don’t have khổng lồ worry about losing any of your personal information. All you have khổng lồ chiến bại is the time it takes to lớn tải về the game again.

8. Update or Reinstall Your GPU Driver and Windows

The lathử nghiệm version of League of Legends may require a newer version of Windows or your GPU driver to lớn work.

Updating your GPU driver differs slightly depending on which brvà of GPU you have, but in general you’d vày the following:

Go to the driver download section.
Select your mã sản phẩm of GPU.
Download the driver package for that card.Run the downloaded installer và follow the instructions.

As for Windows, it’s easy to kiểm tra if an update is pending:

Open the Start Menu.Type Chechồng for Updates & then select it when it appears in the results.
Select the Cheông chồng for Updates button if the last-checked date isn’t recent.
If any updates are available, Đánh Giá them và then select Download và Install lớn start the process.

You’ll have sầu khổng lồ restart your computer lớn finalize the updates, so make sure any unsaved work is saved before you go ahead.

9. Try the Official Repair Tool

There used to lớn be a long list of relatively complex fixes for many problems users had with League of Legends. Instead of leaving frustrated fans lớn fix these issues themselves, Riot has created an official repair tool.

They’ve named this tool the Hextech Repair Tool và it’s meant to lớn offer automatic troubleshooting. The tool is under active sầu development, but it already has many fixes for your LoL woes.

After downloading the right version for your operating system, just run it. The tool needs administrator permissions lớn apply some of the fixes it may attempt. It should ask by mặc định, but if it doesn’t right-clichồng on the tool (in Windows) và select Run as Administrator.

Once the tool is open, you can choose which of the tests and fixes to run.

On your first attempt, don’t change any of these unless you’re sure you need khổng lồ force a re-patch, reinstall the game, or disable your firewall.

Pay attention lớn the system status icons shown here.

These icons indicate whether there are known issues with the game, the online store, the trang web, or the LoL client. This helps you know whether the problem you’re experiencing is with your computer or something on the game VPS side.

When you’re ready khổng lồ go, select the Start button in the app. Hopefully, this will automatically fix your problem. However, even if Hextech can’t solve your issue, it can automatically collect all the relevant information và generate a tư vấn ticket. Once that’s been sent off to lớn Riot, a human customer support agent will have a look & see if they can’t fix an issue that was too complicated for Hextech.

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As we said earlier, Riot is working on making this tool better, so over time the need khổng lồ wait for a customer tư vấn representative sầu to get baông xã lớn you should become less frequent.