After years of being, well, a joke, the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 has actually started to become a pretty respectable place for PC games. Thanks to lớn Xbox trò chơi Pass for PC, you can grab many of these titles as part of a low-cost monthly subscription, or purchase them outright with special discounts once they leave sầu the library. Here are our picks for the best core PC games on the Windows 10 Microsoft Store as of April 20đôi mươi. Microsoft also now has a separate dedicated Xbox phầm mềm just for PC games, so you don"t have lớn browse through the nightmare mixture of weird và broken abandonware in the main Microsoft Store. Cool!


Turn-based tactics: Mutant Year Zero

Staff Pick

Mutant Year Zero is an excellent turn-based tactics title with an RPG slant. Set in an apocalyptic future, a group of mutants carves out an existence in a radioactive sầu Swedish wastelvà, based on a popular 80s tabletop RPG. With some great dialogue và writing, Mutant Year Zero is a sliông chồng and satisfying strategy RPG well-worth your time.

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Take to the skies: Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a landmark experience that puts players in the cockpit of a variety of real-world aerospace vehicles within an unprecedented full-world 1:1 scale planetary simulation. Real-time weather effects based on live data, laser-scanned topography, & detailed landmark locations make Flight Slặng one of the best games on the store by a mile.


Epic JRPG: Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI is the lathử nghiệm installment in the epic turn-based JRPG franchise, and it arrived on the Microsoft Store as part of Xbox trò chơi Pass. Dragon Quest XI is an epic 40-60+ hour journey filled with great characters, huge trùm battles, và engaging combat.


Build a hospital: Two Point Hospital

If you want something a little bit more laid bachồng, check out Two Point Hospital. This quirky business sim has you phối up và maintain your very own private hospital, tasked with curing all sorts of quirky illnesses and infections as you expand your pharmacological empire. Gorgeous, addictive, & fun, Two Point Hospital is a warm nostalgia trip for those who loved Theme Hospital & Theme Park.


Conquer the wild: The Long Dark

Taking place in the frozen climbs of Canadomain authority, The Long Dark is set during the events of a freak ecological disaster, which has seen arctic temperatures blanket the continent in endless snow. After crashlanding in the abandoned wilds of the great North, you must scavenge, hunt, & ultimately survive sầu in one of the most gritty and enduring survival games ever made.

Ori & the Will of the Wisps is a tight, deep, stunning, & evocative sầu platformer from Moon Studtiện ích ios. Representing one of this generation"s most excellent titles, Ori và the Will of the Wisps upends the very idea of a "side-scrolling platformer" with staggeringly deep art, music, và beautiful story-telling. This is a must-play game.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition polishes up and revamps the classic strategy game for the modern era. With gorgeous remastered visuals, a boosted music score, refined A.I. complete with hours and hours of historically-inspired campaigns, Age of Empires II remains a timeless classic.

Obsidian has ascended baông xã lớn the top of the AAA RPG pile with one of the best first-person RPGs of the generation with The Outer Worlds. Taking inspiration from the likes of Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, và other self-styled space Westerns, The Outer Worlds thrills with tight shooting, fantastic writing, mix in a stunning sci-fi world.

Forza Horizon 4 is a masterful racing game that is the culmination of everything Playground Games has been working towards with the series. Complete with seasonal changes, this gorgeous recreation of iconic British landscapes is the ultimate open-world arcade racing experience, và it"s available on Windows 10.

Halo Wars 2 is a criminally underrated sci-fi strategy game set in the popular Halo universe. Take on one of the galaxy"s biggest threats yet in Atriox & his banished covenant military junta, both in co-op play with competitive player-versus-player modes; Halo Wars 2 is an Xbox Play Anywhere title well worth a look.

Sea of Thieves is a massive sầu connected sandbox wrapped in a vibrant pirate adventure. Join up khổng lồ three friends, take on the high seas, battle it out with leviathans, hunt for buried treasure, & customize your gear và ship. Sea of Thieves is all about navigating the danger of a persistent open world, where every player could be your enemy.

State of Decay 2 is an open-world zombie apocalypse simulator, where you"re in control of an entire crew of survivors. Manage resources, craft weapons, & build up your base, because the zombie hordes won"t give sầu you a break. State of Decay 2 is an aggressively addictive sầu action game playable with up to three friends.

Astroneer is a procedurally-generated survival game set in an infinite cosmos, where your only tasks are khổng lồ survive and flourish. Retìm kiếm the local flora và fauna, learn increasingly complex machines & tools và build large settlements in a co-op journey to colonize space.

Cuphead is a masterful hand-drawn side-scrolling platkhung shooter with old-school leanings. Taking inspiration from games lượt thích Contra và Gunstar Heroes, Cuphead is phối in a vintage-style world full of anthropomorphic creatures working for your enemy, The Devil himself. Either solo or in two-player local co-op, Cuphead is a blast.

Sunmix Overdrive sầu is a madcap open-world action game mix in a vibrant, mutant-infested apocalypse. A contaminated soft drink has turned the local population into lớn crazed freaks, và it"s on you khổng lồ get khổng lồ the bottom of the corporate conspiracy. Grind your way Tony Hawk-style across an action-filled playground in one of the most underrated romps of the generation.

Naturally, arguably the best và most popular game on the Microsoft Store is none other than Minecraft itself. This is the Bedrochồng Edition of the game, meaning you can play with friends across any other compatible platform (namely PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, điện thoại, and even VR). Timeless creativity và exploration await.

Resident Evil 7 marked the beginning of a bit of a renaissance for Capcom, revisiting the classic survival horror format it largely abandoned with Resident Evil 5 and 6. The result is one of the best entries in the series, wrapped in a sliông xã first-person shooter with harrowing visuals và satisfying combat.

Moonlighter is a fun, light-hearted hachồng n" slash game with inspirations ranging from classic Zeldomain authority to Harvest Moon. In Moonlighter, your goal is khổng lồ delve into lớn dangerous dungeons lớn recover precious relics & reagents lớn sell in your very own siêu thị. Upgrading your cửa hàng will grow your business, allowing you khổng lồ nâng cấp your gear & take on stronger enemies. It"s addictive, fun, & awesome.

Frostpunk is a survival simulator set in a climatological apocalypse, where a new ice age has obliterated civilization. You và a small troupe of survivors must rebuild, heat your homes, forage for food, và ultimately survive sầu the increasingly blistering cold while managing the fears & potential rebellion of your own citizens. Frostpunk is a masterpiece.

Starting lớn grow

The Microsoft Store has effectively been a bit of a joke for the longest time, but thanks to lớn increased investment from Microsoft và Xbox trò chơi Pass for PC, it"s starting to become a respectable place to lớn buy your games.

There"s still not a massive amount of core games available on the Microsoft Store, but the ones that are there are must-own games that often come with cross-play or cross-buy capabilities with Xbox One. The Long Dark is a personal top-5 game of the ren, with some of the most panic-inducing thrills I"ve sầu experienced in a game. The randomly-generated loot và threats keep you firmly on your frost-bitten toes as you navigate an increasingly harsh wilderness, and the story elements the studio recently introduced are top-tier.

Mutant Year Zero is another personal favorite. The setting is suitably apocalyptic but uniquely mix in a distant future where the relics of the past have become the object of hearsay và conjecture. Some of the tòa tháp descriptions are hilarious, as the apocalypse"s future denizens try lớn figure out what basic household objects were for bachồng in the golden era. The writing is killer, & the gameplay is satisfying, too, with huge potential as a franchise.

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