To access a Hikvision DVR or IPhường camera remotely from a di động phone is necessary khổng lồ use an App. In this article, I will show you how khổng lồ thiết đặt the HikvisioniVMS-4500 tiện ích for Hikvision remote view. Just keep reading...

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To use the iVMS-4500 just download it from the Play Store or Apple Store, or use the android khổng lồ install it on your Mobile phone & setup the local Hikvision devices such as DVRs, NVR, và IP.. cameras for remote view. It"s pretty easy.

The iVMS-4500 is a điện thoại ứng dụng that can be used lớn remotely monitor live đoạn Clip from the Hikvision devices. It can also playbaông xã recorded footage.

Everything can be done with a di động phone in the local or remote network, it"s just a question of having the correct thiết đặt for each case.

The ứng dụng is very simple lớn use & can be installed on Android or Apple devices, just visit the online store khổng lồ download it for Free.

Live view for up to 16 cameras or recorder channels;Management of up lớn 256 Hikvision devices;PTZ (Pan, Tilt, và Zoom) camera control;Prephối (pre-positioned) activation;Snapshot and đoạn phim di động recording;Recorded đoạn Clip playback;Local device monitoring;Remote device monitoring.

it"s possible lớn monitor every camera remotely through the Internet và control the movement & position of the PTZ cameras just by using a finger.

The phầm mềm timeline also allows easy access to lớn the recorded footage, so you can playbaông xã everything you want khổng lồ watch some important event.

To install the iVMS 4500 App, just visit the Play Store if you are using an Android device or the Apple Store if you are using (you guessed...) an Apple device.


Open the Play Store on the Android devices or the App Store in the IOS devices lớn tải về and install the Hikvision App iVMS-4500


To cài đặt the iVMS-4500 for your local devices (DVRs, NVRs and cameras), just open the menu & cliông chồng on "Devices".



The iVMS-4500 allows you khổng lồ change the layout lớn monitor 1, 4, 9 or 16 cameras simultaneously, just hit the button with the number of cameras you want to lớn watch. (see the picture below).

1.Screenshot:Just press the button lớn take a picture of the screen, the picture has the same camera resolution & goes directly to lớn the thiết bị di động picture thư mục, it"s very simple to use.

2.Recording:This button allows local di động recording, just press it once & the sản phẩm điện thoại will start recording, press again to stop recording, it"s also pretty simple lớn use, but keep in mind that by pressing this buttons the DVR or NVR will not start or start recording, you are just controlling the sản phẩm điện thoại.

3.PTZ control:When a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, và Zoom) camera is available, you can use this button to control it. Just press it once ant the function is activated, then you just need khổng lồ move sầu the finger on the screen.

4.Change the video stream:The video stream has a specific quality configuration based on the Resolution, Frame Rate, và Bitrate. By pressing this button you can choose with stream to use và change its configuration.

5.Stop video stream: By pressing this button you can start or stop the live Clip stream, pretty basic and simple.

The iVMS-4500 allows you to playbachồng the recorded đoạn phim that is recorded in the DVR or NVR. You just need lớn get inlớn the remote playbaông chồng menu.

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The playbachồng window allows you to take a picture from a recorded đoạn Clip, cut the part you want to lớn export, fast forward the đoạn Clip and stop the visualization.