Need the sensors working on your hackintosh? With the application HWMonitor you can monitor the health of your system hardware. It’s displays the various stats of your computer components, which makes it a great tool & maybe one of the only monitoring tools available for daipha.coms.

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HWSensors is a version of HWMonitor that can be used on a hackintosh. PC sensors on a hackintosh can a little tricky for some who don’t underst& how khổng lồ get it working và don’t know where to start, but it’s actually very simple.

Why use HWMonitor?

Temperature: How much heat your CPU Cores, GPU Die, SSD/HDD’s, Thermal Zones are outputting.Frequencies: The GHZ your processor và graphics card are running at.Speed: Monitor the fanspeeds of your CPU Cooloer, Case Fans và GPU of your CPU, GPU & Case Fans.Power: The Voltages being generated right now by your components.

To follow the HWMonitor Guide below you will of course need a working hackintosh & a Clover EFI.

Step 1: Required Files

This covers what files you need & where to lớn place them lớn detect the hardware sensors.

Download a version of FakeSMC packAlternative: KGP-X99-FakeSMCUnzip FakeSMC FolderCopy the contents of FakeSMC folderMount the EFI Partition of the Boot DriveNavigate lớn EFI/CLOVER/kexts/OtherPaste the copied files in that locationYour Other thư mục must contain these required 5 files as seen in the image below:Restart your hackintosh


Step 2: Launching HWMonitor

HWMonitor should have sầu been included on ….

Download & Unzip HW Monitor for MacIf you downloaded Rehabman’s version of FakeSMC it should be in the thư mục you downloadedPlace in ~/Applications/xuất hiện HWMonitor thru Spotlight/Launchpad/ApplicationsNo tiện ích will open, but you’ll see an icon at your menu barClicking on the thực đơn bar ibé you’ll get a dropdown danh mục you can also select the graph inhỏ to lớn bring up a seperate window


Step 3: HWMonitor on Startup (Optional)

Do this if you want you to have HWMonitor startup when you turn on your computer so that you don’t have sầu to manually open it every single time. This is an optional step and not required.

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Open SettingsGo to Users & GroupsSelect Your AccountPress Login ItemsPress the <+> sign at the bottomNavigate to your Applications folderSelect HWMonitorClick AddRestart your Hackintosh