Setting a static IP address Wifi Win 10 8 7 XPhường will help you get rid of the system error that allocates the wrong IPhường. range in the process of using VNPT, FPT or Viettel. Please refer khổng lồ the content below khổng lồ know how to lớn change IP network VNPT, FPT, & Viettel.

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By default, the wifi router will use the DHCP protocol to assign IP lớn each computer on the network. The benefit of this is that the IP. address will be flexible and change alternately during use. But sometimes due to lớn the malfunctioning setup, your computer cannot receive sầu the correct IPhường range, now you should kiểm tra the IPhường address is placed in the computer và mix up a static IPhường address for Wifi on Win 10, 8, 7, và XP computers khổng lồ be able khổng lồ access the internet as usual. The nice thing about changing static IPhường is that you can more easily manage your IP address & rarely get errors unless there is a change from the Wifi configuration.

How to lớn mix a static IP.. address Wifi win 10 8 7 XPhường for VNPT, FPT & Viettel networks

Step 1: First you need to get the Default Gateway address lớn know your IPhường range. Clichồng Combination Windows – R lớn open the Run dialog box followed by typing cmd.

After accessing the CMD, enter the comm& ipconfig next to scroll down Default Gateway to get the address.


Here right-click on the wifi network in use và select Properties.


Choose Internet Protocol Vesion 4 (TCPhường / IPv4) then choose Properties.


Here you enter the information as shown below. Where “15” is any number in the range of wifi provided. Remember, this number cannot be duplicated, because if someone uses this number, you will not be able to access the network.

Press OK to complete.

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Those are all steps to change the wifi static IPhường. address Win 10 8 7 XP., this method can apply to lớn all networks like VNPT, FPT và Viettel. In addition, you should change ip address on the computer every time you access the public mạng internet lớn protect your computer và data.