Why rely on public hotspots when you can bring a personal Wi-Fi network with you, wherever you go? Here's what you need to know to lớn choose the right di động hotspot, along with the top models for each carrier.

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Jetpaông xã MiFi 8800L(Photo: Zlata Ivelva)

The Best thiết bị di động Hotspot Plans

Hotspots are available from all three nationwide carriers, as well as several virtual operators that use the larger carriers" networks.

Along with the three major carriers, you can get hotspots from Boost (T-Mobile), Cricket (AT&T), H2O (AT&T), Karma (T-Mobile), Metro (T-Mobile), Net10 (Verizon), and Simple sản phẩm điện thoại (T-Mobile), along with other minor players.

The Best mobile Hotspot Deals This Week*

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Hotspot plans change all the time. On AT&T and Verizon, your best bet is khổng lồ add your hotspot line lớn your existing carrier"s phone plan, as a separate line. That gets you the most data for your dollar. If you add a hotspot onto an "unlimited" phone plan, you get up to lớn 50GB of high-speed data with Verizon, up to lớn 40GB of data with AT&T, và 40GB with T-Smartphone. After that, the carriers deprioritize your data or throttle it unpredictably. (T-Mobile"s Magenta Max plan says it has truly unlimited data, but it isn"t designed for use on dedicated hotspot devices & so you may get cut off unexpectedly.) You can find more details on the carriers" constantly changing hotspot plans at RVMobileInternet.com.

Do You Need a 5G Hotspot?

AT&T, T-sản phẩm điện thoại, và Verizon all have 5G hotspots out now. T-Mobile"s M2000 is excellent, with good battery life and data performance comparable with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone. Verizon"s M2100 is a good choice if you"re near Verizon"s admittedly limited millimeter-wave 5G coverage. We haven"t tested AT&T"s Netgear Nighthawk 5G hotspot, but it likely won"t perkhung better than the LTE hotspot in this roundup, and it"s more expensive sầu.

On both AT&T & Verizon, I"d say that if you can wait until the next round of hotspots, you should. The reason is something called C-bvà, a new frequency that is starting lớn give those carriers much better 5G speeds across major cities. Currently, the only hotspot with C-bvà hardware is the expensive, unlocked Netgear Nighthawk M5; AT&T & Verizon haven"t said they tư vấn it. There"s no word on when more C-b& hotspots will appear with better tư vấn, but we have sầu our fingers crossed.

Hotspots Can"t Replace Home Internet

Hotspot plans aren"t designed for primary trang chính use. They cost much more per byte than a trang chính DSL or cable thiết đặt.

The median US trang chủ broadb& subscriber usesmore than 355GB of data per month, mostly because ofđoạn Clip streaming servicessuch as Hulu & Netflix. All of those Zoom calls for work and school are likely khổng lồ eat up a data cap quickly, as well. So if your needs don"t involve sầu đoạn Clip or music streaming, a wireless hotspot may be a viable alternative for your home. But if they vày, you"ll find you become quickly frustrated by the data bucket limits.

There is such a thing as wireless trang chủ mạng internet, & it"s sold differently from hotspots. It uses larger, less portable routers và it"s generally tied lớn one location. Recent wireless-mạng internet plans are more likely to lớn have sầu truly unlimited data than hotspot plans. AT&T, T-sản phẩm điện thoại, và Verizon all sell wireless home page mạng internet in various parts of the country, along with a wide range of smaller, local wireless internet service providers (WISPs).

So who"s using hotspots, for now? Before COVID-19, it was road warriors—business people who need reliable connections on the go that support multiple devices & don"t drain their phones" batteries. Now, food trucks & other outdoor-dwelling small businesses use hotspots to light up their POS systems và get their Seamless orders. Vacation home and RV owners might also use hotspots for their roaming, part-time homesteads. And folks who can"t get the carriers" dedicated wireless mạng internet plans may still find they fall baông xã on hotspots.


Inseego 5G MiFi M2000(Photo: Sascha Segan)

The Best Hotspot Hardware

The three big carriers have been frantically upgrading their networks recently, và in many cases, network capabilities have sầu now outstripped the chất lượng of older hotspots running on them. That means recent phones will get better speeds than older hotspots bởi.

Quality 5G hotspots such as the MiFi 2000 and Netgear M5 use the Qualcomilimet X55 modem. That"s two generations behind the lakiểm tra phones, but it"s the best you can get right now.

The best 4G hotspots, including the MiFi 8000 và MiFi 8800L, use the Qualcomilimet X20 or X24 modems. Other hotspots out there, including everything the virtual carriers currently sell, use three- or four-year-old modems that have lower speeds and worse signal strength than the best new phones. That means you may get 5Mbps to 10Mbps where your phone gets 25Mbps lớn 30Mbps, for instance.

Many high-quality hotspots have sầu TS9 external antenna ports to lớn help you improve sầu your signal using inexpensive antennas you can purchase online. TS9 is a standard, and these antennas cost much less than a cellular signal booster does. Unfortunately, 5G hotspots that tư vấn millimeter-wave generally don"t have sầu external antenna ports.

Make sure your hotspot supports 5GHz Wi-Fi, which is typically faster và less congested than 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Some hotspots also support guest networks & access controls, such as MAC filtering and time-based access controls. Those features are on pretty much all dedicated routers nowadays, but you can"t take them for granted on điện thoại hotspots.

Hotspots with big batteries can be used aspower bankslớn charge your phone, & hotspots with microSD thẻ slots can be used as tiny servers lớn mô tả media on their Wi-Fi networks. That said, we"ve sầu never found a real use for that media server functionality.

We really lượt thích the displays on the front of many current hotspots. They can report the strength of your signal, your hotspot"s name, data usage, and the network password right on the device.


Netgear Nighthawk M5(Photo: Sasthân phụ Segan)

To Tether or Not to lớn Tether?

If you decide to make the jump, hotspots and cellular modems aren"t the only options. Smartphones have a Wi-Fi hotspot mode, và if you have sầu a 5G phone, you might get better performance in that mode than you would with a 4G hotspot. That said, phones tư vấn fewer devices at once than hotspots vị, they have fewer network management features, and the hotspot usage drains your battery quickly.

To help narrow down your decision, head over lớn our explainer on thetethering vs. dedicated hotspotdebate. And kiểm tra out our tips onhow khổng lồ turn your phone inkhổng lồ a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Beware: Overseas Surfing Will Cost You

US hotspots generally allow you khổng lồ roam in Canadomain authority và Mexico, although rates may be high—make sure lớn check with your carrier in advance to find out.

The only good unlocked hotspot with international bands sold in the US is the expensive sầu Netgear M5, so if you want khổng lồ go the route where you buy a local SIM to lớn take advantage of much lower local data rates, you may want khổng lồ buy a cheap Android phone abroad & use it as a hotspot.

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Finally, before you commit to a hotspot or a plan, make sure khổng lồ kiểm tra out our most recenthotspot nhận xét.