NEN File Summary

The NEN File Extension has one primary tệp tin type, Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project File format, & can be opened with Nick-O-Matic Design Factory released by Broderbund. The majority of NEN files are considered Graphic Files.

File Extension NEN is supported by the Windows operating system. These types of files can be found on both desktop và sản phẩm điện thoại devices. With a Popularity Rating of "Low", these files are not very comtháng to lớn your average computer user.

If you would like to lớn learn more about NEN files and the software that opens them, please see the additional detailed information below. Also, you can learn how to bởi some basic NEN file troubleshooting if you are having trouble opening these files.



The NEN file extension may refer to a document file related lớn a productivity tool called Nick-O-Matic Design Factory. It contains a project created using Nick-O-Matic Design Factory. This tool is used to lớn create birthday greetings, greeting cards, stationery as well as calendars khổng lồ 3 chiều projects.

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Programmer: Broderbund
Kind:Graphic Files




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Comtháng Problems Opening NEN Files

Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Removed

When you double-click your NEN tệp tin, you may see a dialog box from your operating system stating that it "Cannot xuất hiện This File Type". When this happens, it is commonly due to lớn Nick-O-Matic Design Factory missing in %%os%%. You won"t be able to lớn double-cliông xã lớn open your NEN because your OS doesn"t know what to lớn vày with it.

Tip: When another NEN application is installed, you can choose to lớn open it by selecting "Show Apps" và using that program.

Wrong Version of Nick-O-Matic Design Factory is Installed

Your Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project File tệp tin is incompatible with Nick-O-Matic Design Factory because you might have sầu the wrong version installed. If you vì chưng not have the proper version Nick-O-Matic Design Factory (or any of the other programs listed above), you may need khổng lồ try downloading a different version of it, or one of the other software applications listed above. Most of the time your Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project File tệp tin was created by a newer Nick-O-Matic Design Factory than what you have sầu installed.

Tip: Right-clicking on your NEN, then clicking "Properties" (Windows) or "Get Info" (Mac), can provide clues about your file version.

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Primarily, problems experienced when opening NEN files are due to having the incorrect version of Nick-O-Matic Design Factory installed on your computer.

Other NEN File Opening Causes

In the majority of cases, installing the right version of Nick-O-Matic Design Factory will resolve sầu your issue. There can be external issues inside of %%os%% that are causing these errors when opening NENs. Problems unrelated lớn software:

NEN file references in the Windows Registry are broken The NEN file description within the Windows Registry was removed Incomplete or bad installation of a software application associated with the NEN format File corruption affecting your NEN tệp tin NEN tệp tin integrity has been compromised by malware Device drivers for NEN-related hardware are out-of-date Windows cannot load your Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project File file due to insufficient resources (eg. RAM)

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