Summary: Did you encounter the error “No Bootable Device” on your Mac? Learn what you should vày in case your Mac throws the error. Also, tải về this free-to-try Mac data recovery software khổng lồ recover lost data on your macOS Big Sur or earlier.


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Erase Boot Camp Partition and Install Windows

If the Mac storage drive sầu can’t be fixed, you can erase the BOOTCAMP partition & install Windows again. Back up before you proceed.

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Steps to erase the Boot Camp partition are as follows:

a) Boot your Mac in macOS using the Option button, as explained before.

b) Go to lớn Finder > Applications > Utilities > Boot Camp Assistant khổng lồ launch the ứng dụng.

c) If the “Select Tasks” step opens, select “Remove Windows 10 or later version”, then clichồng Continue.

d) If your Mac has a single internal disk, click Restore. Else, select Windows disk, then select “Restore disk inlớn a single macOS partition.” Clichồng Continue. Finally, exit Boot Camp Assistant.

Steps khổng lồ install Windows 10 in Boot Camp partition are as follows:

a) mở cửa Boot Camp Assistant, then cliông xã Continue.

b) For a single internal disk, select Windows ISO image.

c) Drag the divider between macOS and Windows partition to lớn specify partition size. Cliông xã Install.

d) Follow the on-screen instructions shown by Windows Installer lớn install Windows.

e) When the installation is over, Mac restarts using Windows.

f) Follow the on-screen instructions lớn mix up Windows.

Recover Your Data Lost Using Mac Data Recovery Software

In case you have sầu lost your data during the troubleshooting procedures, or otherwise, you can always rely on a Mac data recovery software to lớn recover your lost data. The steps are as follows:

a) Download & install *the free copy of professional Mac data recovery software.

b) Watch the following Clip on how khổng lồ recover your lost data on macOS Big Sur.

*The không tính tiền copy of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac allows không tính tiền scanning of storage disk & không tính phí tệp tin pReview. However, the software needs activation lớn recover files. Also, the software has a 30-day money-baông xã guarantee, just in case. Read More


Now you know how to resolve the ‘No Bootable Device’ error on your Mac. You can select the correct boot drive sầu from Startup Manager khổng lồ boot your Mac from it, then specify the correct startup disk from Startup Disk preferences. If your Boot Camp partition is corrupt or inaccessible, repair Windows using Windows Installer USB drive sầu. Also, try running First Aid on the BOOTCAMP partition using Disk Utility in macOS Recovery mode. If Disk Utility can’t repair the partition, erase the BOOTCAMPhường partition, and install Windows using Boot Camp Assistant.

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If you chiến bại data on your computer, you can always rely on Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac to lớn recover it. Plus, the software is compatible with macOS Big Sur 11 and earlier macOS versions.