The RAD Video Tools allow you to lớn compile one or more Bink or Smacker files into lớn a self-running EXE file. The EXE file contains both the video, and the player. You just run the EXE tệp tin to play the đoạn Clip on any machine, without first installing the RAD Video Tools.

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Use this option when you want to distribute a đoạn Clip to lớn viewers that might not have Bink (or Smacker) installed. You can even embed the advanced player options into the EXE as you create it (for switching into lớn full-screen mode, for example).

To compile your videos inlớn an EXE file, first highlight one or more Bink or Smacker files on the main window, và then click the "Advanced play" button. Choose the options that you wish to lớn embed inkhổng lồ the EXE tệp tin, và click the "Make EXE" button. The following window will open.

Once you"ve made all of your compiling choices, just click the "Compile" button at the right khổng lồ make the EXE tệp tin. It will compile pretty quickly unless the đoạn Clip tệp tin is huge, because the only time that is required is I/O time. Once the EXE is compiled, you can clichồng on the "View" button to lớn kiểm tra it.


Video files to lớn compile: Enter the filenames that you"d like khổng lồ compile in this field. You can use the Browse button to choose from a directory with your mouse. If you danh mục multiple files, the files will play in the order that you các mục them here.

Output đầu ra file info: Enter the EXE filename that you want lớn compile to in this field. You can use the Browse button to choose a "from directory" with your mouse. Use the "automatic overwrite?" switch when you don"t want Bink to lớn ask if you want to lớn overwrite the destination filename.

Compile using what player switches: This option allows you lớn embed specific playbaông xã options in the new EXE tệp tin. It defaults to the switches that are mix in the "Advanced play" window. Use the "List" button to lớn display all of the option settings.

Compile for what Operating System: This option lets you choose which operating system to create the EXE tệp tin for.Bink allows you khổng lồ create Win32 EXEs (which will run on Win 9x, NT, XP.., và Win64),or Win64 EXEs (which only run under Win64).Smacker supports Win32 EXEs, 16-bit Windows 3.x EXEs, and even old MS-DOS EXEs.

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Once you"ve sầu made all of your compiling choices, just cliông chồng the "Compile" button at the right lớn make the EXE file. You can test the EXE file by clicking on the "View" button.