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its a pretty average CPU, its getting a little old at this point (it being Zen+ & not Zen 2 or 3) the 6 cores helps when editing but i play allot of games that rely on good single core performance (which AMD 2000 và 1000 lacked in) i don"t recommkết thúc it unless its on sale for like $100-$150 and you really NEED high core count




It"s been a few years, và it"s still going well. I can game & stream on this no problem. With my B450 board, I"ll have sầu the option in the future for a Ryzen 5000 series processor.

Great CPU, pairs well with the GTX 1660 Super. The Stochồng Cooler Has Trouble keeping up at heavy load though.

A bit dated at this point I think, but it still works great for what I am using it for! Plus the price is hard lớn beat with the shortages on certain PC items right now.

No issues so far! Doesn"t run too hot, runs games well. Not the best value CPU for the market rn but at the price I got it for ($150) it"s not the worst, although I would recommkết thúc going for 10400f at that price, which is why I knocked 1 star off.

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Served me incredibly well for the time I personally used it. Easily the best CPU for anything I had owned until my nâng cấp to my 3700X. Actually, this CPU is so good that I decided that I"d pass it down khổng lồ my cousin, và simply take his 2200G bachồng in return. This should serve sầu hyên ổn incredibly well for the years khổng lồ come, it may even outlast his current GPU & on into his older years (that"s the hope, at least.) Plus, this CPU should make it so that he doesn"t have khổng lồ worry about closing a single tab or application again (for the most part, anyway.) Once again, a fantastic CPU choice.

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