The error “This site can’t be reached” is a common error that you can get in Chrome when you try khổng lồ visit a website. Instead of the website that you want lớn visit, you will see one of the following error pages:


Most of the time the error is related lớn a problem with your DNS hệ thống of DNS cabít, something that we can fix easily with the steps below.

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These errors don’t only occur on Windows 10, but you can also get them on Android devices.

After you have disabled the settings, restart Chrome và kiểm tra if the error “This can’t be reached” is resolved.

Method 8 – Scan you computer for Malware

Malware can interfere with your network connections. If all the steps above didn’t work then it might be a good idea to lớn scan your computer for malware.

You can use the Free 30-day trial of HitmanPro to lớn scan your computer on malware. Make sure that all the malware is removed.

What causes the error “This site cannot be reached”

When you get the error message this site cannot be reached in Google Chrome then your browser is unable lớn connect lớn the server where the website is running. If it is only one or two sites that you can’t reach, then the steps in this article should help you khổng lồ resolve the issue. But when you are unable lớn visit any website, then you should read this article for the solution.

So when you type in an URL (the name) of a website in your browser và hit enter, then your computer will need khổng lồ look up the correct IP Address of the server running the trang web. It will use the DNS records for this.

Your computer keeps a local cađậy (copy) of the DNS address that you use often. New addresses are requested from your DNS provider (often your ISP). Your local cabít may have sầu an outdated address which causes the “this site cannot be reached” error.

What you shouldn’t vì to lớn Fix this site can t be reached

Some websites are suggesting methods lớn solve the error “This site can’t be reached” that are really unnecessary. If you can’t reach only one particular trang web, then there is really no need khổng lồ bởi one of the following:

Resetting your modemRe-installing network driversResetting your wireless networkReinstall Chrome

Other possible causes

Did non of the above sầu solved your issue & are you still the only one that is unable lớn access the website?

Some websites like forums can block users based on their IPhường Addresses. This will prsự kiện you from accessing their website at all. The only way to lớn test this is khổng lồ access the website from another location (your work, or from a Mobile hotspot).

Company devices may have content policies in place that prevent you from accessing websites in certain categories. You can tương tác your IT department to verify if access to the website is blocked.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you were able khổng lồ fix this site can’t be reached error in Chrome. If you have any questions, just drop a comment below.