TheTotolink A800R is a wireless router that supports the IEEE 802.11ac standard, delivering wireless speeds of up lớn 1167 Mbps.

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The device is optimized for bandwidth-intensive Internet activities such as HD movies và online gaming. Combined with the MU-MIMO standard, the A800R allows multiple devices khổng lồ cốt truyện faster và more powerful Wi-Fi than the 802.11ac routers typically deliver.

Special Features:

Optimal power on both bands, up lớn 867 Mbps in the 5GHz bvà & 300 Mbps in the 2.4GHz bvà.Four 5dBi antennas with MU-MIMO giải pháp công nghệ ensures data transmission lớn multiple devices simultaneously.1 GHz processor for smooth data processing.Multi-SSID allows you lớn create multiple SSIDs depending on your needs.Universal repeater và WDS function for easy Wi-Fi expansion.Supports IPhường., MAC, URL filtering and port forwarding.QoS: bandwidth management based on IPhường / MAC.
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Operating simultaneously in the 2.4GHz & 5GHz bands, the A800R provides access lớn two separate Wi-Fi networks, with the 2.4GHz b& exhibiting high compatibility và the 5GHz band reducing interference - igiảm giá khuyến mãi for lag-free gaming và large tệp tin downloads. The optimized user interface for smartphones allows you to easily & quickly configure the basic settings in a few steps. These are all assurances of the manufacturer, how will it actually perform in our tests? Let"s check!
Totoliên kết A800R is a multifunctional và powerful AC1200-class wireless router with full Wi-FI 5 support. The device runs on a 1GHz RTL819F processor with a RTL8197FN RTL8812BR chipmix & 64 MB RAM. This configuration is a significant improvement over previous Totolink models. Additionally, A800R is equipped with 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port. Unfortunately, it should be emphasized that the tốc độ of the ports is only 100 MB/s, although for a residential space such data transmission is fully acceptable.
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The whole device looks really good, at first glance the A800R resembles its predecessor, the Totolink N600R. The main difference between the two models is the color scheme of the housing. This time, the manufacturer used blachồng for the A800R. This is a significant change, since blachồng is definitely less susceptible to lớn getting dirty. On the front of the A800R there are slots that give a decorative sầu touch & are responsible for heat dissipation. On the left side of the device, you"ll find the standard RTS and WPS buttons for quick connection & remix. Another significant change is the disappearance of the Turbo button on the right side, this is fully explainable as the A800R does not have a Turbo Boost function lượt thích the N600R. A bit of a shame, since we really liked that feature. Hopefully Totolink will tăng cấp the A800R khổng lồ Turbo Boost in the future.
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Device configuration

The Totolink A800R still uses the familiar one-page interface for easy thiết lập. The installation process itself is quichồng và intuitive sầu.
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Totoliên kết A800R has 4 main modes of operation:Gateway Mode - This mode we use it as a Wi-FI router, in this mode we will also find the most management features.Bridge Mode - In this mode the A800R is able khổng lồ work as an Access Point.Repeater Mode và WISPMode - These are 2 modes khổng lồ extover Wi-Fi coverage.

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Wireless network status - In this tab we will find all information about current clients connected to lớn our router. It is worth paying attention to the "Wireless Status" tab, where we will find the strength of Wi-Fi coverage for each client. This is an extremely interesting function for setting & selecting the optimal location for the router.
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Multiple APs, in this tab we can create up lớn 2 additional Wi-FI network names on each band to lớn facilitate Wi-FI sharing.
MAC Authentication - With this feature, we can easily control uninvited guests who connected khổng lồ our Wi-Fi.