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The Bottom Line

ViewSonic's M1 mini is a highly portable palmtop projector that counters its modest brightness with a cleverly designed stvà, decent image quality for photos and videos, & the ability to lớn play music files.

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Highly portableSimple yet innovative sầu standInterchangeable top panels in three colorsMedia player handles phokhổng lồ, đoạn phim, và music files in a variety of formats

ViewSonic M1 mini Specs

Engine TypeDLP
Rated Brightness 50 ANSI lumens
Native Resolution854 by 480
Maximum Resolution19trăng tròn by 1080
Inputs and InterfacesHDXiaoMi MI, USB
Dimensions (HWD)1.1 by 4.1 by 4.1 inches
Weight0.7 lb
Warranty1 year

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Although the palmtop-kích cỡ ViewSonic M1 mini ($169.99) throws a relatively faint image, physically this projector is bright & cheery—matte Trắng on the sides & bottom, with interchangeable top plates in gray, yellow, & teal. With a cleverly designed built-in st&, above-average image unique, and a simple interface và truyền thông player, this affordable, highly portable device is a good choice as an entry-level projector for use in a family room or while on vacation. The M1 mini"s modest brightness limits its usable image kích cỡ, và it works best in a darkened room.

Palmtop DNA (With a Few Flourishes)

An LED-based projector that uses Texas Instruments" DLP giải pháp công nghệ, the M1 mini has a rated brightness of a mere 50 ANSI lumens. It offers 854-by-480-px (aka FWcard đồ họa or 480p) resolution, which is very comtháng aao ước micro projectors, at a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. The light source has a rated 30,000-hour lifetime, which should more than last the life of the projector.


At a glance, the M1 mini has a very typical size factor for a palmtop projector, squarish when viewed from the top and with rounded corners. Portable in the extreme, it measures 1.1 by 4.3 by 4.1 inches (HWD). On the top of the projector, above the lens, is an upraised, silver-colored disk, just under an inch in diameter, with the ViewSonic name printed on it. The replaceable colored top panels each has a hole near one corner that fits around the disk, which helps anchor the panels in place. Small pegs in the covers" other three corners fit into corresponding holes in the top of the projector’s frame.

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A Simple, Innovative Hinged Stand

Most mini projector stands are tiny tripods that screw into lớn a projector"s base. ViewSonic took a different, và refreshing, tack with the M1 mini, whose st& is built inkhổng lồ the device itself.