iGate GW040 GPON ONT is VNPT"s new modem. So many people still vị not know how khổng lồ access this modem khổng lồ change WiFi password.

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Modem iGate GW040 GPON ONT is a new modem of VNPT, GPON type of fiber optic modem of VNPT nationwide. Therefore, many people are confused about changing WiFi passwords, or do not know clearly the information of iGate GW040 GPON ONT modem account access to lớn reconfigure the network when necessary. So is VNPT"s new modem access method similar to other VNPT modems? The following article will provide login information lớn the modem iGate GW040 GPON ONT to change the WiFi pass.

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How to lớn change pass WiFi modem iGate GW040 GPON ONT

Step 1:

First on the website browser we access the address . After that, an information log window will appear. Here, you will fill in the User information as admin and the password is admin . Click Login khổng lồ access.

Or we can also view access information behind the WiFi modem device. In case the login information is incorrect, users can contact the operator directly lớn be able khổng lồ log in khổng lồ the modem.


Step 2:

After successfully accessing the iGate GW040 GPON ONT modem, we will see the management page of the iGate GW040 modem.


Step 3:

At this interface, we can view devices connected lớn WiFi with MAC address, rename WiFi if desired, change WiFi password to stronger password, bloông chồng URL, blochồng unauthorized access device, SSID, The reboot modem does not need a hard key on the modem.

To proceed to rename WiFi , we access the path of Network Settings> Wireless . Looking khổng lồ the right will modify the information in the SSID for the new network name you want to change. Cliông chồng Save to save the new name for WiFi.


Step 4:

To change the password for WiFi, access Security also in the Wireless section. Enter the new password at the WPA / WAPI passphrase section on the right. If you want to lớn see the correct password, click on Cliông xã here lớn display. Finally cliông chồng Save to save sầu this change.

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In general, VNPT modems have the same login information for the modem, including the new modem iGate GW040 GPON ONT. When you know the login information, you can change the information especially the WiFi name as well as the WiFi password.

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