We"ve sầu teamed up with CORSAIR, Hãng Intel, Elgato, SCUF, và Robeytechkhổng lồ visit and provide a Dream PC Makeover for legendary game designer, Cliff B.

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080, 3080 Ti, và 3090 GPUs are baông xã in stoông xã with custom ORIGIN PC Desktops shipping as soon as 5-7 business days*

Shop Now*Disclaimer: While supplies last, Lead Times are only an estimated shipping date và subject khổng lồ change.


Customize Your ORIGIN PC Today & Rest Assured That ORIGIN PC Always Has Your Baông xã with Free Lifetime US Based 24/7 Support


WELCOME 2022 WITH WORLD-CLASS PERFORMANCEPurchase select Ready-To-Ship (RTS) systems or any Custom System to lớn receive sầu Free US Ground Shipping, Free Corsair Peripherals, & More.Shop Now*While supplies last. Free US Ground shipping only to lớn the 48 contiguous United States và not valid on any peripherals or accessories. Ready-To-Ship (RTS) systems typically ship within 1-3 business days.

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With 3 easy steps, choose your next Gaming PC with our New Gaming Desktop Advisor

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Built For The Next Generation of Gaming

New 12th Gen Hãng sản xuất Intel bộ vi xử lý Core desktop processors with DDR5 & DDR4 tư vấn now available!Learn More
Featured Review

A Monster of a laptop

Tech Power nguồn Up Gives EON17-X Their Editor"s Choice Award!

“The Origin PC EON17-X is a quái thú of a máy vi tính stuffed full of some of the faschạy thử hardware you can get. There"s a lot here to lớn like, và lượt thích it I vị.”- TechPowerUp

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"Highest rating!"

"Fast shipping of custom built gaming PC with high kết thúc components. Well built & complete. Customer service responded promptly khổng lồ inquiries. Highest rating"

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"great service, great sản phẩm, what else to need?"

"this was a very easy company lớn work with. The took an order, fill the order, sent it khổng lồ me và it worked but promised. Also, it was 2 days early. I would not hesitate khổng lồ by another computer if I...

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"Computer Info"

"The Origin representative sầu was helping in many ways & exceeded the expectation of what it is I was actually looking for. Thank you!"

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"Best PC customer support!"

"Two of the reps, Raul và Sean helped me with a new pc build I had done using some of the parts I had bought from an old Origin PC. They were extremely helpful and quiông xã with whatever questions I had...

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"Absolutely amazing customer service và technical support."

"I normally would have built my own system, but parts are hard lớn come by these days for consumers.I decided khổng lồ spec out a system from Origin, and watched as it went through the process khổng lồ...

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ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM Nominated most Stylistic Gaming PC of 2022 from SPY.com

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All AMD Performance

Built to game with AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPUs and AMD Radeon GPUs on ORIGIN PC

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Bundle and Save

Select a Corsair XENEON 32" IPS Gaming Monitor bundle with a system purchase to lớn Save $200 or get 20% off with accessories bundles

Gaming Desktops

Easy Pre-Approved Online Financing Available On All Systems For Qualifying Customers

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Play Now & Pay LaterEasy to applyGet instant pre-approved offers & ratesSix months same as cash available*No prepayment penaltiesUp to 36 months of payment optionsLearn More


Join the BestPartner up with the best custom PC system builder in the world và earn extra cash! Become An Official ORIGIN PC Affiliate Today!



24/7 US Based Support

Once you join us, we will have you covered. With every system, ORIGIN PC provides a không tính tiền phone and online lifetime service guarantee.

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By buying an ORIGIN PC, you get access khổng lồ a fast and powerful PC as well as supporting jobs based in the United States.Learn More
COVID 19: ORIGIN PC is operating and following health guidelines to lớn keep our employees safe. This situation is impacting delivery và service levels. We thank you greatly for your patience.