I came across a router which had an issue with the Wi-Fi; the LAN connection was working fine but the wireless functionality appeared to be busted. My friover wanted a temporary fix, as he waited for the replacement router to lớn arrive sầu.

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Windows 10 has an option for setting up a thiết bị di động hotspot without a software. Thinking this would be a good fix, I fired up the Settings app, navigated lớn the Smartphone Hotspot screen and in a matter of seconds I was able lớn phối up the connection to lớn use the PC"s Ethernet network. It"s never that easy, is it? Apparently not.

The Hotspot was created, our phones could see & connect to it, but there was a notification that said "This Wi-Fi network has no internet". The computer"s browser also threw up errors which said the connection failed. What happened is, the Hotspot was active, but the internet wasn"t working. Disabling it fixed the issue on the system.


Time for the manual fix, commvà prompt lớn the rescue. This method works on Windows 7 & above sầu.

How khổng lồ phối up a Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot in Windows 7 or above sầu without any software

1. Open a Commvà Prompt window with administrator rights.

2. Type the following in the window,

netsh wlan phối hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=wifiname key=password


Replace wifiname with a name that you want to assign lớn your network. For the password, choose a svào non-pronounceable one. The password should have sầu a minimum of 8 characters.

For e.g. netsh wlan phối hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=daipha.comhotspot key=g_hacks!

3. Hit the enter key & the screen should read "The hosted network mode has been phối lớn allow. The SSID of the hosted network has been successfully changed. The user key passphrase of the hosted network has been successfully changed."



4. Congratulations, you have created a hotspot. Now to lớn activate it. Type

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

5. You will need to lớn configure the hotspot lớn use your Wi-Fi. Open the Network & Sharing Center from the Control Panel. You can paste the following path in Windows Explorer.

Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsNetwork and Sharing Center.

6. You"ll see all available network adapters, including the newly created hotspot. Choose the one that you wish lớn mô tả. It"s usually your Ethernet or Local Area Connection, but sometimes it may have the adapter"s name instead. Click on the network"s name and it should open the Network Status window. Select the properties option.


7. Cliông xã on the Sharing tab and enable Internet Connect Sharing by checking the box next to "Allow other network users to lớn connect through this computer"s mạng internet connection". Next, cliông xã on the drop-down thực đơn và select the hotspot network with which you should nội dung your network. In this case, I selected Local Area Connection 11.

8. Hit the ok button, & your Hotspot is ready to be discovered. You can verify this by observing the "Access Type" of the hotspot at the Network & Sharing Center screen, it should say "Access Type: Internet".

Enable Wi-Fi on your máy tính xách tay or phone và try connecting to lớn it using the password that you chose.

Note: My laptop"s Ethernet port doesn"t work, so I had to lớn use the Wi-Fi adapter in the screenshots, but the procedure is the same. I"ve sầu tested it with my friend"s computer.

To stop the hotspot, use the following command

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

This Microsoft document and Dell tư vấn page were used as a reference for the article.

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If you ever find yourself with just a wired network connection, but have sầu a máy vi tính or a desktop PC with a Wi-Fi thẻ or USB dongle, you can use this method khổng lồ create a hotspot. This can also be useful if you"re using USB-tethering khổng lồ access your phone"s sản phẩm điện thoại network.